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ITT 2020 (Europlus clone)

The ITT 2020 is very different to the other Europlus clones that were available in Europe during the early 1980's. It was manufactured by ITT Consumer Products in the UK with co-operation from Apple, making it the first licensed Apple II clone. There are technical differences between the ITT 2020 and the official Europlus which are outlined on the Applefritter web site. My example has ROMs that are clearly labelled "Apple78" apart from ROM F8.

The photos below are a good indication of the condition of my ITT 2020. Cosmetically the computer is in excellent condition but it has been stored in a damp environment. This is clear from the corrosion on the power supply case; many of the socketed chips also have visible corrosion on their pins. I spent a couple of hours cleaning the main board shortly after I obtained this computer but it still needs attention. Consequently, I won't try to boot the ITT until the main board and power supply have been given proper care.

Overview of case exteriorApart from the silver colour, the ITT 2020 that I own has a case that is almost identical to a Europlus. Even the radii of the case edges are the same as for the Europlus. The silver colour appears to be sprayed over a black or charcoal case. See the links below for information about later cases.

Case badgeThe case badge is the same size and in the same location as for the Europlus.

Overview of case interiorInside the ITT 2020, there are similarities and a few differences. The main board is not the same as a Europlus and there are no markings indicating who manufactured it. The RAM chips have gold ITT labels but that is the only identification. The plastic sticky tabs that secure the lid to the case are identical to the Europlus. The power supply uses the same connector as Apple to connect to the main board but the mains lead is captive. My ITT was purchased "bare", without any expansion cards.

Front view of disk driveMy ITT disk drive has the lid missing and the guts aren't in the best of health. A quick test of the drive confirmed that it doesn't work at the moment. The mechanism is not the same as a Disk ][.

14 February 2004: I obtained a genuine complete ITT disk drive last year -- pictures to follow.

Rear view of disk driveRear view of the disk drive.

The User Manual has a bronze coloured cover but the content is the same as the equivalent guide for the Apple II Europlus. It has been badly edited to replace the word "Apple" with "MICRO" when it appears in the text. Naturally, the typefaces do not match and not all references to Apple were changed...

I also have a copy of the ITT Technical Reference. Both manuals were obtained from different sources than my ITT 2020 system.

Inside cover and first page of the User Manual.

March 2004 update: I've now obtained an unused sample of the alternate ITT 2020 case. The silver colour is sprayed over a grey plastic moulding.

The moulding quality of this case is not up to the standard of a genuine Apple one.

ITT 2020 Links -- photo of a slightly different case. -- in German -- again, the different case model. -- in French -- the case of this one is similar to mine but the power supply is different. -- technical information about the ITT 2020, courtesy of the Applefritter site.

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